We drive safely

Safety should be a priority of any company in the transportation industry. Our vehicles are equipped with airbags, seat belts, fire extinguishers, first aid kits and any other necessary measures for the safe driving. Every vehicle on the road is responsible for people’s lives.

We drive on time

If time is money, then orientation on the road heds towards saving your valuable time. We have our routes well planned and know alternative roads to take in unexpected circumstances – all to take care of you as a customer and bring you to the place on the decalared schedule.

We are experienced

Company J. G. Transport bus services from Germany to Poland and Poland to Germany has been in business since 2001. Over the years, we have witnessed the changing regulations, rebuilt roads, new car models. We learned the proper driving culture, skills, experience.

Our History:

We are a family company, which, as already mentioned functions since 2001. During the years, we have earned huge experience in the international carriage and transport of passengers, their habits which helps us to provide better comfort for you. Our buses are air-conditioned and have tinted windows adding to the comfort. Our fleet is regularly tested technically eliminating any unforeseen trouble during the drive.  Not once we learned from customers which rode with other companies about speeding, driver fatigue, driving too long without a break – we do not let this happen with our routes.

Our Licenses:

As a company, we have all the necessary licenses and permissions to carry out the international passenger transport, as well as our other services:


  • Certificate of professional competence in international road transport of passengers number: 01268/F3/03 (issued by the Institute of Road Transport in Warszawa, 5 November 2003 r.)
  • License for the international transport of passengers number: 0002132.